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The new decade is bringing even more female super heroes—Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and now Captain Marvel are all gracing our screens in the next few years.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the sequel to "Captain Marvel" is in the works, being written by Wandavision screenwriter, Megan McDonnell. The film is going to be brought to modern day through the sequel, and is being written by primarily female writers—Marvel is even hoping to hire a female filmmaker for the film. 

"Captain Marvel" was one of the earliest highest grossing female-centered Marvel films, and it made a whopping $1 billion in revenue. For many young girls, Captain Marvel represents their own ability to be a superhero. 

"Captain Marvel 2" is still starring Brie Larson and mother fucking Samuel L. Jackson, but there isn't much information about the plot of the story beyond the change of era. While the original film was released in 2019, the story was set in the 1990s. With the sequel in development, it is set to be released and take place in 2022. 

Another interesting change is the focus Marvel is placing on hiring female producers, writers, and filmmakers during this sequel. It would seem that the company is trying to reflect the change in cast behind the scenes as well. 

Which female-led film are you most excited to see?