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When it comes to tattooed celebrities, model turned actress Cara Delevingne is one of the most notable. The Brit has one of the most recognizable tattoo collections in Hollywood, from her iconic lion finger piece to the haunting eyes on the back of her neck. Take a look at her growing collection of ink int the gallery below!


One of Cara's most visible tattoos is her initials, short for Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, on the side of her hand.


Cara has the roman numeral for 12 on her side, which may stand for her birthday: August 12th.

Green Lady and Tiger

One of Cara's most recent tattoos is a green lady lounging in the jungle with a tiger, which was done by Bang Bang in NYC.

Diamond and Stars

Way before it was a big trend, Cara got a few tiny tattoos on and inside her ears.

Eyes and Sak Yan

Cara's first back piece is a sak yan four spire and she later added a set of realistic eyes, also done by Bang Bang.


Whether you love it or hate it, one of Cara's most recognizable tattoos is the micro lion on her index finger.


Cara doesn't only get tattooed in NYC, when she's in LA she goes to Dr. Woo. One of Cara's pieces from Dr. Woo is this elegant snake hand piece.

"Silence" "Breathe Deep"

First up, Cara followed the white ink trend when getting the words "Breathe Deep" tattooed on her tricep.

Then, in this photo we see another script tattoo, the word "Silence" on her wrist.


Like Kylie Jenner, Cara is a fan of red ink tattoos. She has a heart outline inked on her pinky finger.


One of Cara's more unusual tattoos is the word bacon on the bottom of her foot. Vegans were not impressed.


Another Woo piece in Cara's collection is this elegant single needle elephant on her forearm.

Smiley Faces

While filming 2016's Suicide Squad, the cast got tattoo happy, including Cara who got a number of smiley faces inked on her toes.


Way back when, Cara and fellow super model Jourdan Dunn got matching "DD" tattoos on their hips—which likely represent their last names.

Coat of Arms, White Dots

Cara has a delicate coat of arms tattoo, which represents her family, on her ribs. She also included four tiny white dots above, which symbolize the members of her immediate family.

"Made in England"

In honor of her homeland, Cara got the words "Made in England" inked on the bottom of her foot by Bang Bang.


Did you know Cara has a wasp inked on her finger? We do now!

"Don't Worry/Be Happy," "Pandora"

Under her breasts, Cara has the phrase "Don't Worry/ Be Happy," lyrics from the hit song by Bob Marley. Also visible in this photo is her "Pandora" tattoo, the name of Delevingne's mother.


White Dove

Last, but not least, while getting her "Breathe Deep" tattoo, Cara also collected a small white dove on her finger.

What do you think about Cara's tattoo collection? Which tattoo is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts, questions, and opinions on this story in the comments section.