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Seriously, I'm just going to come out and say it. Cardi B has some of the most beautiful ink in Hollywood. Now, you might be surprised to hear me say that if you're not caught up on the news. However, Cardi B has been getting tattooed by world renowned color realism artist Jamie Schene for several months. Her tattoo journey with Schene began with an elaborate flower and butterfly back piece, which begins on the top of her back and enda on the back of her thigh. Fans were blown away by the tattoo and were shocked to learn it took 60+ hours to complete. Then, not long after this piece was revealed, Cardi B went to Schene once more, this time to rework the peacock tattoo on her thigh—sitting an astounding seven days in a row.

In the midst of sharing her tattoos, Cardi B revealed on Twitter that she'd forgot to post another piece she'd gotten from Schene. But, this time it was a coverup of a name inked in red on the back of her neck. Cardi B took to Twitter to share the before and after, writing "I never showed ya my cover tatt...What do ya think?"

Many fans were speculating the mystery man from the original tattoo and were able to narrow down that it was an ex-boyfriend from the rapper's past. They were able to come to this conclusion based on an interview Cardi B gave on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" where she admitted to having the names of three men tattooed on her body.

Fans also pointed out that the tattoo is not a complete coverup, as parts of the red filigree are visible in the finished piece. Honestly, we don't have a problem with this artistic decision. Based on Schene's past work on Cardi, he enjoys enhancing her older work as opposed to completely blasting over it. At the end of the day, Schene is more than technically capable of doing a coverup tattoo that completely hides the first design, so this choice was clearly an intentional one.

In case you've missed Cardi B's fresh work, take a look at the stunning tattoos Schene has inked in the gallery below. Then let us know your thoughts on Cardi B's tattoos in the comments section on social media.