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When I see a celebrity go to a world renowned tattoo artist, I just have to give them a standing ovation. There are so many actors, musicians and models in Hollywood who get garbage tattoos—and so few who actually do their research. And it looks like Cardi B has been doing her homework. Over the last few months, Cardi B has been getting tattooed by California artist Jamie Schene. Schene specializes in color realism and flowers, creating ornate and stunning floral designs for his clients.

Last month, Cardi B shared an Instagram photo of her completed floral tattoo by Schene, which begins on her shoulder, snakes down her back and ends on her thigh. The piece is truly stunning and Cardi is clearly proud of her new tattoo.

Cardi liked Schene's work so much that she visited him once more, this time for a rework of the peacock tattoo on her hip and thigh. Cardi B has had this tattoo for over ten years and she got it long before her days on the charts, or even as a reality star on "Love and Hip-Hop." And while we wouldn't say this piece is the worst celebrity tattoo we've ever seen, the rework is absolutely stunning.

In a post to her Instagram, Cardi B shared her updated tattoo, writing, "So after ten years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover. This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted." Schene took to Instagram to share the tattoo as well, explaining that Cardi B got tattooed for seven straight days—say what?!

Well, based on the final results, we have to say that the pain was well worth the result. What do you think about Cardi B's new tattoos? Which celebrity do you think has the best work? Which star has the worst tattoos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on social media.