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Cardi B can truly do it all. Drop a diamond single? Check! Make an appearance in the "Fast & Furious" franchise? Check! Win a Grammy? Check! But can she tattoo? That's the question we'll soon learn the answer to.

For the newest episode of "Cardi Tries," a docuseries on Facebook Messenger, Cardi B and her husband, rapper and 1/3 of Migos, Offset try tattooing. Since the show first premiered in 2020, Cardi has tried a plethora of random things—from ballet to rhythmic gymnastics to holistic healing. Now, she's giving tattooing a try. 

Cardi B and Offset enlisted the help of world renowned celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, who's showing the rappers the ropes. Hurtado is one of the most celebrated color and black-and-grey realism artists known to man, but for this episode he's showing Cardi and Offset the basics.

Cardi B and Offset opted for matching tattoos on their thumbs—their wedding date, 9/20/17. But who knows what they'll tattoo next. You can catch the new episode of "Cardi Tries" on Facebook Watch, Messenger and Instagram this Valentine's Day and let us know what you think of their tattooing skills in the comments section on social media.