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Carey Hart, the action sports star and husband of pop-star Pink, was in Nashville for the CMA Awards this week. While in town, Hart paid a visit to Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. and got a sweet new tattoo honoring his son, Jameson. 

As you can see above, Hart had a small script "J" tattooed behind his left ear. The tattoo was done by Tarik Tatham. 

The piece will be joining a grouping of other tattoos around Hart's neck, a placement that has special meaning for him.

“My most meaningful tattoos are the pieces on my neck,” Hart told us in an interview for our Moto Issue. “I have an angel for my brother, Anthony, who died racing motorcycles, and an angel for my daughter, Willow. I have my wife’s name under my chin—most painful spot I’ve been tattooed—and my Pop on the back of my neck in a sacred heart."

This isn't the first time that Hart has inked a tribute to his son. Two years ago, Franco Vescovi tattooed Jameson's name in script on Hart's shoulder. That tattoo was a few inches away from another script tattoo reading "Willow." Who is Willow, you ask? She is Pink and Hart's daughter, of course. 

That first "Jameson" tattoo was particularly interesting because of the ink used in the process. We worked with Vescovi and Hart to do something very unique for the piece—we crafted tattoo ink that used bits of tire left behind from a motorcycle burnout Hart had done specifically for the endeavor. 

Every time Hart ends up getting tattooed there is always an intriguing story behind it. We can't wait to see what he thinks up next.