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Eagles fans were left asking a bunch of questions during Sunday's loss to the Patriots. Why did the offense get completely shut down in the second half? How did we give up a TD pass to Julian Edelman? Did Carson Wentz get his whole damn arm tattooed over the bye week? 

Yeah, you heard that right, people thought that the ginger QB went and added a whole bunch of body art over the bye week. His left arm was as pasty and blank as ever, but his right arm, something was very, very different. 

We've got some good news for Eagles fans and tattoo fans who thought the sleeve looked just a little bit crappy—it's not a tattoo. Wentz was wearing a camouflage sleeve as part of the NFL's ongoing "Salute to Service." For the month of November, the NFL rolls out a line of apparel honoring the armed forces with proceeds going to a variety of charities. 

This includes what the players wear on the field. Instead of the standard green or black tights that Wentz has worn in the past, he was rocking a camo number. If you were watching on a crappy TV 30 feet across the bar, as your humble writer was, it definitely appears as if Wentz spent his bye week getting inked. 

We're not saying that quarterbacks shouldn't be getting sleeves, far from it. But getting a full sleeve tattoo during the season on your throwing arm is more than a little reckless. A tattoo is an open wound, after all. Running around in the snow and getting slammed into field turf by 300-pound linemen isn't covered by our recommended tattoo aftercare regimen.   

For now, Carson Wentz is tattoo-free. If he does decide to sleeve up in the future, we highly recommend that he do something other than camouflage.