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We're used to scary and creepy ghosts in popular culture, but what about animation's favorite ghost, Casper? Casper the Friendly Ghost made his debut in the 1939 with the children's book "The Friendly Ghost." He was created by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo. Casper made his onscreen debut in 1945 with the Noveltoon animated cartoon "The Friendly Ghost." Casper is known for his pleasant and of course, friendly personality, which juxtaposes his three wicked uncles, Stretchy, Fatso and Stinkie, the Ghostly Trio. Casper appeared in 55 cartoons from 1945 to 1959 and made his Harvey Comics debut in 1952. Over the years, Casper has starred in numerous television shows, including "The New Casper Cartoon Show," "Casper and the Angels," "The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper" and "Casper's Scare School."

Casper the Friendly Ghost made his feature film debut in 1995 with the live action film, "Casper." This film was the directorial debut of Brad Siberling and starred Malachi Pearson (voice) and Devon Sawa (human form) as Casper. Christina Ricci portrayed Casper's human love interest Kat. In 1998, the direct-to-video prequel, "Casper Meets Wendy, was released and starred Hilary Duff as Wendy the Good Little Witch.

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