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Tired: New Years Day.
Wired: Mew Years Day.

While it seems like every single day is a perfect day to spend hours looking at cat content on the internet, it turns out that today actually is dedicated to that glorious time-wasting hobby. The "holiday" was concocted back in 2016 to have a special celebration of the new year just for cats. 

As it's a new holiday, there aren't a whole lot of traditions built into it yet. The possibilities are endless. For example, we could build a big ball of yarn to drop at midnight and toast with catnip cocktails served in saucers. We could spend all day wrapped up in blankets with our snuggly kitties while eating lasagna in honor of a certain, gluttonous orange cat. 

We could pick this day as the perfect time to go out and get a cat tattoo of our own. You can get one of your own personal fur baby, a famous internet cat or the latest feline-related meme. Or go a slightly crazy route, like your humble author here, and get a tattoo of a demon cat swilling vodka, as portrayed in "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. It's all good.   

The people in the following gallery have gotten a head start on Mew Years Day with their amazing cat tattoos. Or, as I often say to the chagrin of those around me, "Cattoos." 

What kind of cat tattoo are you thinking about? Something cuddly? Something fierce? Something mischievous? Let us know on social media. Happy Mew Years!