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Remember that weird play "Cats," that's a bunch of people who are dressed up like cats and living in some alternative-cat-people dimension? Well "Cats" the play is now becoming "Cats" the movie- in one month, on December 20, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, and a ton of other A-list celebs will be gracing the screens of theaters across America. 

The only problem is the special effects are too good- like, they're kinda scary? The people-cats are straight out of a weird fever dream that makes me fidgety, and if you don't believe me you can watch the trailer for yourself. 

Maybe it's the human noses paired with cat faces or the people hands with furry bodies- but either way, the CGI is unsettling. And since you just had to watch the trailer and see cat-people dance and sing for a full two minutes, here are some highly less offensive cat tattoos. 

Are you planning on seeing "Cats?"