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The world shook in 2016 when legendary singer and actor David Bowie passed away at age 69, two days after his birthday. Bowie was known by all for his innovative performance style that was—in every sense of the word—electric. To truly understand the man's ethereal nature, you really have to just watch and listen to him preforming. 

Not only was Bowie world changing in music and performance abilities, he also changed the world and their views of sexuality. Bowie was one of the earliest and most famous musicians to come out as gay in the 70s, and was a strong advocate for gay rights. His signature lightning bolt quickly became a fashion statement, as well symbol of unity amongst the LGBTQ+ community.

The world was touched by Bowie in so many ways, and his death is still something that stirs up raw emotion in many. So today, we celebrate the life and birth of Bowie through updated ink of the legend. 

For many people, Bowie was one of the only queer icons they saw in mainstream media making his music that much more important to queer youth. But Bowie was also amazingly talented and smart, making him lethal in the music world.