25 Celebrities Before Tattoos - Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

Let's face it, for the most part, everyone looks better and cooler with tattoos. Tattoos are one of the greatest forms of self-expression and tattoo art has come a long way over the years. Tattoos have such transformative powers that they can even turn a celebrity from a normal kid into a super star.

A decade or two ago, it was hard to find celebrities who were covered in tattoos. These days, plenty of actors, athletes and musicians are coated from head to toe in ink. You even see super young rappers with tattoos all over their faces. These tattoos make such an impact that it's hard to imagine our favorite stars without them. However, every celebrity started somewhere and was once a total tattoo virgin.

Take a look at the gallery below at 25 celebrities before their tattoo transformations and let us know which star you're most surprised by in the comments section on social media.

Post Malone

Post Malone went from a normal kid to a tatted up sensation.

post malone fb

The Rock

Can you believe this is The Rock in high school?

the rock


We almost didn't recognize 6ix9ine without his face tattoos.


Aaron Carter

Many of us are actually more familiar with the young Aaron Carter, making his transformation even more impactful.

aaron carter

Zayn Malik

From boy band cutie to tattooed dream boat.


Machine Gun Kelly

What a minute, this is Machine Gun Kelly? Whoa!



Now this is what I call a glow up.

post malone fb

Zhavia Ward

Can you believe that she's gotten totally tatted up in just a few years?


Justin Bieber

Which Bieber do you prefer?

justin bieber

Ed Sheeran

Can we go back to the Ed without those terrible tattoos?

ed sheeran


The ultimate hot mom makeover.


Lady Gaga

Even before the tattoos, Gaga was a badass.


Miley Cyrus

Who could have predicted how Hannah Montana would have turned out?


Lil Pump

Bad decisions on top of bad decisions.


Lil Xan

I wish Lil Xan's tattoos were just drawn on with eyeliner.


Lil Peep

Rest in peace to a legend.



XXXTentacion had some seriously cool ink.


Pete Davidson

From dorky kid to bad boy in a flash.


Kat Von D

This cute kid became one of the most well known tattooers on the planet.


Jeffree Star

Now this doesn't surprise me.


Dave Bautista

Adorable kid to one of the biggest wrestlers turned actors.



Rihanna went from a cute kid to an inked baddie.


Adam Levine

Wait a minute, one of music's biggest heart throbs used to look like this?!


Amber Rose

I would have no idea this was Amber Rose as a kid.


Roman Reigns

Such a dope transformation.