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Over the years, tattoo techniques have grown to not only create some of the most artistic tattoos the world has ever seen but give breast cancer survivors stunningly realistic nipple tattoos over their mastectomy scars. Many tattoo artists specialize in transforming the lives of women who've overcome breast cancer and you wouldn't believe how life like their tattoos look. And as the demand for these tattoos grow, social media marketing becomes all the more essential for artists to have their work seen by prospective clients around the world. However, in recent months, many artists who specialize in mastectomy tattoos have experienced enormous amounts of censorship from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Vicky Martin of Berkshire, England is one of the many artists who've been banned from platforms like Facebook for advertising their mastectomy tattoos. Despite the photos depicting "artificial" or man-made nipples, the social media sites have flagged their content and prevented audiences from finding their services.

Martin decided to stand up to the platform by organizing a protest at Facebook's London HQ, which included 50+ campaigners and an enormous inflatable breast. According to an interview with BBC, Facebook made an apology to Martin, writing:

"Vicky's profile shouldn't have been suspended - this was a mistake and we are sorry for the upset this has caused. Whilst nudity isn't allowed...we make exceptions for posts which are clearly intended as medicinal or educational."


However, Martin is looking for more than just an apology, wanting to instead work with the platform to create new rules that would prevent fellow mastectomy tattooers from having their pages banned and their content blocked from audiences.


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