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Meet New York-based Ryan Almighty, a tattoo artist who's made a name for himself painting in human blood. Almighty is a lifelong fan of death and the macabre, frequently taking inspiration from notorious serial killer Charles Manson. And in addition to creating controversy through his use an extremely controversial material, Almighty claims to have incorporated Manson's real ashes into his designs.

In a report published by TMZ, Almighty recently took his obsession for the notorious cult leader one step further by tattooing his portrait on fellow fan boy, John Michael Jones. According to Jones, he was a pen pal of Manson before he died and sought out Almighty for a portrait tattoo that incorporated Manson's ashes.


What do you think of this shocking story? Do you believe that these are Manson's real ashes? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.