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Tattoo removal is in high demand and unhappy collectors around the world are seeking out laser technicians to rid their skin of regrettable ink. However, while removal is safe and effective, the process takes many sessions over the course of several months. So far, there isn't a method of tattoo removal that offers a quick fix to clients and we likely won't see a solution to this problem for many years to come.


But, for some impatient people, they've taken removal into their own hands by attempting risky DIY methods. Take for example Matias Costa, a 21-year-old from Mendoza, Argentina who quickly came to regret a tattoo he'd gotten on his forearm. A week after getting the tattoo, he developed an interest in joining the police force, however, was told that he would not be considered for a position with visible ink. So, Costa began researching methods of tattoo removal and began attempting to use a pumice stone to get the job done.

However, after little success, he decided to use a cheese grater.


A week after his cheese grater removal, Costa got a tetanus shot from a local hospital and according to an interview he conducted with Daily Mail, he ended up regretting the way he went about the removal.


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