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In an Instagram post, Chris Brown revealed his newest tattoo in honor of his son, Aeko Catori Brown. 

The ink, located on the rapper's hand, is far from a traditional portrait though. The rendition is full of bright colors, making Aeko look like an adorable cyborg baby from the future. 

Done by artist Ivana Belakova who focuses on bright, contemporary art, the ink is full of fine lines and smooth transitions. Like most of Belakova's tattoos, the piece is packed with intense, deeply saturated, bright colors with white highlight giving the face an almost reflective or shiny look. 

Chris Brown makes it pretty obvious that he views his children as superheroes, and has been singing praise for his children ever since the birth of his daughter, Royalty, in 2014. He always seems to be the biggest hype man for his children, and Brown seems to be trying to encourage his children to be themselves no matter what.

Aeko was born in November of 2019 to Brown and baby mama Ammika Harris, making Aeko Brown's second child. Brown has a portrait of his daughter as well, that is located on his back. 

Via Chris Brown on Instagram

Via Chris Brown on Instagram

Do you like the new school style of portrait, or would you honor your loves ones in a more traditional style? What's your opinion on the differences in the tattoos?