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Singer Chris Brown added another piece to his tattoo collection when he visited Ganga over the weekend. Ganga is the tattooer who gave Brown his memorable face tattoo last year, but this time he had something completely different in store. 

It takes a second to realize what the tattoo says, then you turn your head and realize that it is the name of Brown's son, Aeko. While some of Brown's tattoos are pop culture based, looking at you Mega Man, much of his more recent work has been related to his children. He already has a portrait of his daughter, Royalty, on his back and a portrait of his son on his hand. 

For this tattoo, Ganga made great use of negative space while spelling out Aeko's name. By doing this, the tattoo is much more visually striking than if it were to be simply written in script. Ganga also got quite clever with the placement of the piece, working it around tattoos that Brown already had. 

For all of his faults, Brown seems to be a very loving father who wants to share his pride in his children with the world whenever he can. Kudos to that.