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To the tattooed community, getting ink is a way to cope with tragedies of our lives, and mark these important milestones and memories. After the tragic car accident of Petara Cordero, girlfriend of Cleveland Browns' Chris Smith, the defensive end explained his new tattoo to reporters in front of his locker. The tattoo, of small script lettering “stay strong” on the inside his forearm, honors Cordero, who was also the mother of his newborn daughter. Along with his faith, his mantra “stay strong” has helped guide him. Now, he can carry it with him forever.

With an incredible amount of support and love from his fanbase on social media, Smith’s family, as well as the members of Cordero’s family, are united by the same script tattoo. The night of the interview, Smith said he embodied the mantra with his assistance in the Browns’ 23-3 win over the Jets.

“She always had this tattoo that said ‘stay strong,'” Smith explained. “I used to always pick at her about it. ‘Why don't you just get more tattoos?’”

Smith continued, “I just [have] to stay strong for everybody else. That's the main thing. When they see me strong, it makes it a little easier. I've got to stay strong for everybody. For her, my daughter.”

With a continual flow of prayers and support, Smith also posted a gallery of Cordero, with the caption: “God has a plan for all of us we can’t understand but she is in a better place now and she can rest easy. My wifey my best friend and the mother of my beautiful daughter. Love you baby❤️🙏🏾 #StayStrong🙏🏾❤️ #RIPMyLove.”