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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are Hollywood's golden couple. The pair met on set of Legend's 2006 music video for "Stereo," where Teigen played his love interest. They started dating shortly after and then four years later, they announced their engagement in 2011, wedding in Como, Italy in 2013. By 2016, they expanded their family with the birth of their first child and then welcomed their second in 2018.

The couple announced that they were expecting their third child earlier this year, however, in September tragedy struck. On September 30th, Teigen revealed on her Instagram that her son had passed away shortly after his birth. Teigen shared that unlike her past pregnancies, they'd decided his name in advance, planning to name the baby Jack.

On November 2nd, celebrity tattoo artist Winterstone shared the memorial tattoos he'd done on Teigen and Legend to honor their late son. Back in 2019, Winterstone gave Legend and Teigen their first tattoos, inking the names of their children on their forearms. For these tattoos, Winterstone inked the name "Jack" in a delicate cursive font on their wrists and shared the finished pieces with the caption, "My heart is with you, sending you all the love!"

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