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Every fine artist has their own process and for Catherine Jenna Hendry, better known as CJ Hendry, she creates hyper realistic drawings using colored pencils. Hendry began her journey by making realistic drawings using ink and gained a large amount of notoriety, collaborating with Christian Louboutin in 2016. Then in 2017, as part of Art Basel, she debuted her first drawings using colored pencils in Hong Kong and hasn't looked back since.

Hendry uses her own technique, which she refers to as scribbling, and through multiple layers pulls off a variety of complex textures in her largescale works. Using color has truly expanded her portfolio, which now consists of drawings of sneakers, flowers and most recently, paint swatches. Over the last several years, Hendry has done a series of drawings which mimic paint, particularly a series which replicated a Rorschach tests.

Rorschach tests have been used by psychologists for many years and are typically made using ink. They're characterized by their symmetry and when observed, many people see different images from the pattern. They aren't commonly used by professionals today, however, they continue to make an impact on the art work.

Take a look at some of Hendry's most sensational and spectacular colored pencil drawings in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on her impressive portfolio in the comments section on social media.