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Unfortunately there are still stigmas trying to poison the good deeds of the tattooed community. That’s why INKED highlights tattoo artists that help children’s artistic dreams, as well as make them feel better about a broken bone with a little tattoo magic. This recent heartwarming story out of Cleveland is no exception.

While a 6’3”, 260-plus-pound Roman Reigns’ returned to the ring after his battle with leukemia, 5-year-old Maja returned to her dream to become a tattoo artist. A fraction of the size to Reigns, but equal amounts hero, Maja was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her dream to become a tattooer came to fruition with the help of Cleveland’s Voodoo Monkey Tattoo’s owners, Natalie and Dave.

When the Cleveland Chapter of A Special Wish learned about Maja’s wish, (which INKED would describe as exciting, while Cleveland News 5 deems it “unorthodox”), A Special Wish coordinated Maja’s day to include spending the day with Dave at Voodoo.

Trained under Dave, the Voodoo Monkey Tattoo team showed Maja the tattoo tools, machines and equipment. Starting with a Sharpie, Maja graduated to tattooing her name on a grapefruit, and then designed pieces for her two first clients: her aunt and dad.

Dave, who INKED Maja’s panda on her family members, sparked a unique joy in Maja, that only comes with that sweet, sweet hum of a tattoo machine.

“Thank you again to everyone that made this amazing day possible,” A Special Wish representative said on Facebook. “Something tells us that Maja’s Tattoo is going to be very popular at Voodoo Monkey!!”