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It's impossible to hate Happy Hour. I mean, the word "happy" is right there in the title.

The words "happy hour" can be traced back to Shakespeare's "King Lear," but as far as I can tell, the Bard wasn't talking about skipping out of work early to get a couple of cheap libations. Happy Hour as we know it was likely born during prohibition. Since booze was banned, people would often hit a speakeasy in between work and dinner. 

It wasn't toward the end of the '50s that bars started using Happy Hour as a marketing tool to get people into the bars. The idea quickly took off, because who's going to turn down cheap drinks?

Had a bad day at work? Happy Hour. Had a great day at work and want to celebrate? Happy Hour. Any other possible situation? HAPPY HOUR. 

Of course, some people don't get to enjoy the freedoms that many of us do. Happy Hours are banned in a couple of states, including Massachusetts (which has a bundle of weird booze laws) and Indiana (which gives us another reason to avoid that place). National Happy Hour Day is probably a thing of sadness in those locales, but if you live somewhere where it thrives, skip out early and grab a half off cocktail!