On "The Late Late Show," James Corden has ambushed Joe Jonas' tattoo session, and encouraged Harry Styles to get inked on camera. 

Most recently, Corden asked Colin Farrell about his tattoos, who pointed to one in specific, and had a unique description of what his "worst tattoo" unintentionally looks like.

The "Dumbo" star admitted his plan to remove all of his ink. When Corden asked why, Farrell said that “embarrassment was only partly to blame.”

"I'm getting rid of them because I got tired of getting painted in the makeup chair anytime I wear a t-shirt, it buys me an extra 45 minutes sleep in the morning," Farrell explained. "Obviously, none of them had that much significance to me that I would choose 45 minutes over my own history!"


While the Irish actor has a handful of tattoos, he revealed his worst one.

"I got [my chest tattoo] in New York one night at 3:00 AM at a tattoo parlor by somebody I don't think has ever done a tattoo before," Farrell said. "It was a rose, but it actually looks kind of like a cat's asshole on a chopstick."

Farrell’s description had Corden and fellow guest, Woody Harrelson, in fits of laughter. But we know just the feelings that surround a bad tattoo.

"It's such an obscure thing," Corden said, "but I know exactly what that is."

Farrell admitted the removal process made him extremely "sore," and said he couldn't show it off on the show, because it was "the one we paid most attention to in my initial session when I was getting the laser removal."

But, Don't worry. We found it: