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In 2011, Rianna Conner Carpenter joined the military and shortly after, Combat Barbie was born. For seven years, Carpenter served in the U.S. Marine Corps, earning the title of Sergeant and awards such as the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Today, she's studying at the University of North Dakota and has pursued careers as a model as well as a fashion designer.

Carpenter has acquired over 442K fans on Instagram alone, an achievement thanks in part to her seductive yet patriotic photos. The blonde bombshell frequently shoots with pin-up photographer Robert Alvarado and has modeled for a number of publications, including Maxim and FHM. 

Carpenter's patriotic shoots, which pay homage to the Marine Corps as well as the army and navy, have been extremely well received with her fans—with many posts acquiring tens of thousands of likes on social media. And while we're always a fan of a beautiful babe in uniform, Carpenter's background as a veteran makes these shots even more badass.

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