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The first Saturday in May is a major event for comic book fans throughout the country—it's Free Comic Book Day. My grandpa used to live by the maxim, "Anything free pleases me," and for his nerdy grandson, that statement applies doubly when comics are involved. 

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 as a way to bring people back into independently run comic shops. The huge comic boom of the '80s and '90s—fueled mostly by speculators who cared less about the story inside and more about the resale value—led to a bust that drove many comic shops out of business. Scores more were struggling to get by. Yet, at the same time, superhero movies started to dominate the box office, renewing interest in the comics that served as source material. 

Thus, Free Comic Book Day was born. If people loved seeing Wolverine on the big screen, maybe a free issue would be enough to not only get them in the door, but to hook them for life. 

This year, Free Comic Book Day has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown most of the country is under. Which is a bummer for all sorts of reasons, especially since small, independent businesses really need the support right now. 

It's also sad because getting readers lost in another world—a wild, fantastic place unlike any that you've ever seen on Earth—is what comic books do best. 

So, to help you get that comic book fix, we've gathered a gallery of some truly impressive comic book tattoos. Enjoy!