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Over the course of my many years working at Inked Magazine, I've come across dozens of questionable face tattoos. From Miami's Joker to the woman who got "Drake" written across her forehead, there's never been a shortage of crazy and cringey face tattoos. However, I may have come across one of the most controversial face tattoos to date after doing some digging on Instagram last night.

Meet Rune, also known as Ecloplasm, a hand-poke tattoo artist and self-proclaimed trans alien based in Strasbourg, France. In mid-March he embarked on a journey to get his largest and arguably most controversial face tattoo to date, which happened to have been inked by his husband, L'Hérétique.

The tattoo, which spans his entire forehead, his an illustrative interpretation of a mass hanging, featuring many hung figures including what appears to be an infant. This tattoo is accompanied by nearby eyelid ink, which reads "Kill Me," when his eyes are closed.

What do you think of this controversial face tattoo? Is this the wildest face tattoo you've seen yet? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.