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Can you cover up tattoos without seeing the original one? Will you be able to fade your old tattoo for a cover up? Will you be able to tattoo over a laser removed tattoo? The short answer, yes! Check out the top eighteen cover-up tattoos after laser removal from Removery.

Samurai Tattoo to Thor Sleeve


Who wouldn’t want a Marvel sleeve? Five laser tattoo removal sessions and that dense black samurai is now a bright and vibrant Thor sleeve! Cover up done by @evanolintattoo at @powerlinetattoo in Cranston, RI.

Prayer Hands to Japanese Sleeve


Everyone went through the praying hands phase, am I right? #throwback to 2016🙏 One session to remove the clouds and lighten the hands and a Japanese traditional sleeve was born! Sleeve done by @kikupunk from @good_luck_nyc in NYC.

Music Note to Hyper Realistic Octopus


A nice hyper realistic cover up is music to our ears. Three laser removal sessions later and that note is gone! Tattoo done by @andylargetattoo at @powerlinetattoo in Cranston, RI.

Geometric Shapes to Neo-traditional Krampus


Who doesn’t love a half goat, half demon masterpiece? Five sessions on those old geometric shapes and @raptorlazer created this sick Krampus for @kellydotylovessoup at @9threalmgallery in Salem, MA.

BMW Logo Tattoo to Jaws


Got rid of your old beamer? #RIP🚗 We’ve got you covered. Five laser removal sessions and this M-type logo hand tattoo turned into the jaws of your dreams. Duh dum, duh dum duhdum, duhdum, duhdum, duhdum!! Tattoo done by the king of horror realism @paulackertattoo from the @theseancetattooparlor in Bensalem, PA.

Faded Ink to Elaborate Pan’s Labyrinth


Can’t make out what that tattoo used to be? Get it touched up or fadeed to a whole new tattoo! This Pan’s Labyrinth cover up was done for @andylargetattoo by @evanolintattoo at @powerlinetattoo in Cranston, RI.

Portrait Tattoo to Vibrant Car Sleeve


Our tastes change! We might like one style for a while then decide down the road to change it up. Same can happen with tattoos! Instead of just covering it up, you can fade it enough for a sick cover up like this vibrant car sleeve. Three laser removal sessions later and @kelseykolors from @inkinktat in Missouri gave this client an awesome sleeve.

Flag Tattoo to The Apocalypse


Placement matters! Some tattoos are placed in prime real estate. As we get older, we realize that a better tattoo could be in that same spot! That’s when two laser removal sessions on this flag tattoo came in handy for this apocalypse cover up. Tattoo was done by @mcarrotattoo at @undeadink in Oceanside, NY.

Snow White to Naruto Tattoo


Disney’s out, and Anime’s in! Don’t get us wrong, Snow White is the OG Disney princess! But Naruto’s all the rage nowadays. Three laser removal sessions later and this Snow White ate the apple. Tattoo was done by @melaninks at in Jacksonville, FL.

Freddy Krueger to Ghostface


From one great horror film to the next🔪 this Freddy Krueger tattoo took five laser sessions to fade. Ghostface was done by @evanolintattoo at @powerlinetattoo in Cranston, RI.

Name Tattoo to Traditional Butterfly


Chris who? Sorry, three sessions later and we don’t know him!🤷 This badass traditional cover up was done by @xdxbx at @resolute_tattoo in Delmar, NY.

Patriotic Tattoo to Neo-traditional Rose


Full sleeve patriotic tattoo to a neo-traditional rose!🌹 This tattoo took four laser removal sessions to fade it enough for the cover up. The tattoo was done by @keithison at @sostattoos In Niagra Falls, NY.

Name Tattoo to Realistic Rose


We all make mistakes, and that’s okay! You don’t have to live with Brandon on your back forever. This client received three laser removal sessions and covered it up with a realistic rose piece! Tattoo was done by @taylorkuhlmantattoos at in Crystal Lake, IL. 

Anchor Tattoo to Traditional Roses


It’s not uncommon to cover up your first tattoo, but some are harder to cover than others!⚓ This tattoo had six laser removal sessions to lighten it enough for some traditional roses. Tattoo done by @givemetheskull at @divinemachinetattoo in Buffalo, NY.

Landscape Half Sleeve to a Tiger’s Head


Who doesn’t want a sick tiger tattoo? One session to fade that old tattoo and the tiger was born!🐯 This tattoo was done by @stevebishov at @onthegrindtattoo in Sicklerville, NJ.

Chest Tattoos to Traditional Butterfly Piece


You can get those “demons” off your chest now, literally. Five laser removal sessions and those tattoos are covered by a large traditional inspired butterfly!🦋 Tattoo done by @jasontalbot at @tantrumtattoo in Petersburg VA.

Portrait Tattoo to Flowers


A half sleeve portrait takes up a lot of usable canvas! Fade it with four laser removal sessions and smell the roses🌹 Tattoo done by @anz_tattoo at @sostattoos in Niagara Falls, NY.

Diamonds and Brass Knuckles to Sailor Moon Sleeve


Diamonds and brass knuckles are a girl’s best friend? This client leveled up to a sailor moon sleeve!🌙 Four laser sessions later and tattoo artist @bunnymachine at @black_rabbit_tattoo in Richmond, VA, knocked it out!