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I grew up in Texas, which means no matter where you drive, you’re bound to see a few herds of cattle on your way there, and you’re bound to know at least one person who has spent a portion of their lives raising cows. In fact, Texas has the highest number of cattle in all 50 states. While I personally never raised cows, my cousins were part of the stock show circuit in Texas, traveling to different rodeos throughout the state and earning scholarship money from having the best heifers and steers as determined by the panel of judges. As you can imagine, stock shows are quite a big deal in Texas, and competition can be serious, but then again, this is a state where cowboy hats and boots are considered formal dress wear, so are we really surprised?

Humans domesticated cows roughly 10,500 years ago and have used cows for a plethora of reasons ever since. Most meat you eat comes from some part or parts of a cow. We use cow’s milk in our lattes or, as some brave weirdos do, drink it straight up. Cow’s hide is used to make leather, and even their poop serves a purpose being used as fertilizer. If you’ve ever used manure, you have a cow and its wonderful four stomachs digestive system to thank.

While cow has become an interchangeable term for cattle over the years, when you say cow, you’re actually referring to a cow that has given birth to a calf, as the correct term for a female that hasn’t given birth is a heifer. Males are always known as steers. While this is information that honestly doesn’t matter to most of us, nor does it really change anything, it’s interesting to note.

There are nearly over a thousand different species of cattle. In some cultures, particularly in Hinduism, cows are revered and slaughtering cows is forbidden in several states of the Indian Union. Cows are often seen as a symbol of feminine strength, motherhood, commitment, and even lunar energy because, weirdly enough, cows tend to give birth in higher numbers around a full moon.

To show our love and appreciation for these beautiful creatures, we found the best tattoos you will udder-ly adore.