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Growing up, every kid dreamed of becoming a cowboy or a cowgirl. Cowboy culture and traditions first originated in medieval Spain but became synonymous with North America during the late 19th century. Wild West Shows of the early 20th century helped to establish the modern cowboy image and then, the Western film genre took charge.

Western films first began gaining popularity during the 1930s and one of the biggest early successes was 1939's "Stagecoach." This film was directed by John Ford and made actor John Wayne an icon of the Western genre. The 1950s was the decade where the genre truly hit it's stride and was named the Golden Age of Western, introducing films such as 1950's "Broken Arrow," 1952's "High Noon," and 1959's "Rio Bravo." Westerns are still made to this day, with modern films such as 2010's "True Grit," 2012's "Django Unchained," 2015's "Bone Tomahawk," and 2019's "Deadwood: The Movie."

In honor of all the cowboy and cowgirls out there, take a look at 50 of our favorite tattoos from world renowned artists. Then let us know your favorite cowboy from popular culture in the comments section on social media. Now without further adieu, giddy up and yee haw!