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Do you want to get some insight into how the sausage is made here at Inked Magazine? Allow me to tell you. There is this website that we go to on the daily called NationalToday. It lists every single holiday that's ever been conjured up by humans. To be clear, they use the term "holiday" very loosely. So, when you're sitting in front of a computer screen searching for something to write about with an irate editor screaming that you need to churn out more content immediately, but your brain is completely empty of intriguing ideas, NationalToday is the solution to this problem.

So what does this all have to do with crab tattoos? Well, it turns out that tomorrow is Maryland Day! And since there aren't that many tattoos from "The Wire" and I hate both the Ravens and Orioles, it looked like I'd have to move on to one of the other holidays scheduled for the day. International Waffle Day, perhaps. Or maybe National Physicians Day. Neither of which sparked much creativity in me. Then I randomly came across this bad boy: 

For those not in the know, that's the flag of the state of Maryland smack dab in the middle of that crab. Maryland is known for its crabs, specifically the Chesapeake Blue crab. Few things are as delightful as boiling up a whole mess of crabs, throw them on a table covered with newspaper and then go to town with a hammer. Make sure you have plenty of Old Bay and Natty Boh and boom! Maryland, baby.  

Sure, very few of the tattoos in the gallery below have anything to do with the state of Maryland, but if a bunch of English folks didn't sail up the Potomac on March 25, 1634 this article wouldn't exist. Is this the butterfly effect? Damned if I know, but now I'm going to check to see if we've done an article of butterfly tattoos now that I'm thinking about them. Crap. We have. I guess I'll have to do that waffle tattoo article after all, because we can't stop feeding the beast. I digress, crab tattoos... Crabs are cool lil' critters and they make for some pretty cool tattoos. Enjoy!