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Seafood lovers rejoice, because Old Bay has release a mother fucking hot sauce

Old Bay, for those who possibly don't know, is a delicious semi-spicy dry seasoning that is traditionally enjoyed on crab and seafood—but you should also put it on chicken, tofu, and anything else you want to be tasty. A combination of 18 different spices including red pepper flakes, Old Bay is a staple in any home kitchen. 

Now, a few lucky people are going to get to include Old Bay's hot sauce to their kitchen staples. Old Bay released the sauce on the 29th and it was sold out within the night, making it nearly impossible to score a bottle unless you're willing to pay $50 to some random person on ebay

Don't despair though, because the company announced that they will be restocking the sauce shortly. Though, they also tweeted that they were quite surprised at the amount of love the latest Old Bay family member received.

The company shouldn't be remotely surprised though, because people are openly obsessed with Old Bay seasoning. The stuff slaps and manages to save almost any dish from bland disaster, plus it's been around since 1939 so it's also nostalgic. 

To pair perfectly with your Old Bay obsession, maybe consider some crabby tattoos.