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Over the past several decades, horror as a film genre has done a lot to amp up the creep factor. It's a lot harder to scare people these days, as we've become desensitized from watching movies and watching the news. However, there are plenty of horror films out there that have certainly left us with chills.

One of the most recent examples of a horror movie that creeped the hell out of people was 2018's "Hereditary." This was the feature film debut for director Ari Astor and followed a family dealing with the death of their grandmother and the sinister consequences that followed. This film made such an impact because of it's pacing, it's use of sounds and it's disturbing imagery. Astor didn't rely on cheap jump scares to get his point across, instead using his tricks of the trade to create a film that was truly creepy.

An important element that filmmakers must consider in making a film creepy in 2021 is having some basis in reality. We're disturbed by horror entering the real world and great film making allows us feel with the characters—whether they're being haunted by a paranormal entity, stalked by a serial killer or attacked by hordes of hungry zombies.

But film is far from the only art form capable of creeping us out. Literature, particularly the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King, have creeped out readers for decades. Fine artist Keisuke Aiso haunted people around the world with his truly terrifying Momo sculpture. And of course, plenty of tattooers create creepy (yet cool) tattoos for clients around the world every single day. Take a peek at 50 of the creepiest tattoos we could find on Instagram, then let us know your thoughts on this list in the comments section on social media.