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Funko is a company that produces licensed vinyl figurines from popular culture. The Funko Pop! vinyl series is the brands most popular product line, with over 6,000 unique characters released by the company thus far. The figures are modeled in the Japanese chibi style and are characterized by their oversized heads, flat faces, and black eyes. Most figures retail for $10, however, some rare Pops can retail over $5,000 on trading sites. The price of a Pop is dependant on supply and demand, with many professional collectors shelling out big bucks for a chase product.


There are thousands of people who collect Funko Pops, however, Adrian Muller has a unique appreciation for them. Muller is an artist based in Germany who transforms some of his favorite figures into customized pieces with a horror twist.

Muller began working as a toy artist in 2015 and has since built a name for himself transforming common collectibles into one of a kind works of art.