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In a world of perfect, airbrushed and surgically enhanced Instagram models, Daddy Long Neck is actually pretty refreshing. Daddy Long Neck is a 20-year-old influencer who gained international attention for his unusual appearance, notably his extremely long neck. He's since built a brand around his physique and boasts 2.1 million Instagram followers.

Since debuting on Instagram, Daddy Long Neck has grown attention through Instagram skits, pranks and stunts. Many of his videos feature notable Instagram models and porn stars, as well as fellow internet comics like Supreme Patty and HolyGod. The 20-year-old has embraced the wacky and weird, even getting a few out there tattoos.

Daddy Long Neck has a number of visible tattoos, including the phrase "Lick Here" with an up arrow on his chest. He also has his nickname, "Daddy Long Neck," inked on his forearm, the WorldStarHipHop logo on his bicep and a portrait of E.T. (which many call his doppelganger) on arm. Yet, his latest and greatest tattoo may be his wildest piece yet.

Daddy Long Neck sought out Ivana Belakova, for his latest piece. Belakova is well known in the tattoo industry for creating bright, bold and colorful tattoos. She's inked a number of celebrities in the past, most recently Mia Khalifa. However, her tattoo on Daddy Long Neck might be her most impressive to date.

The tattoo is on the influencer's right bicep and depicts a pair of breasts with flaming nipples. Daddy Long Neck took to Instagram to share his new tattoo, writing, "NEW TAT , DECIDED TO GET TITTYS WITH FLAMES BECAUSE OF MY SAYING 'LITTY LIKE A TITTY!'"

What do you think of Daddy Long Neck's new tattoo? Are you a fan of his content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on social media and check out his other tattoos in the gallery below.