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Fans were shocked when Daft Punk announced their split after 28 years together. Going out in the only way that the duo could by releasing an eight-minute video simply entitled “Epilogue,” the duo bid farewell by using a scene from their 2006 Avant-garde film “Electroma” to part ways. The band has not given a reason as to why they’ve decided to disband.

Better known for their robot personas, a style they adapted in 1999, the French musicians Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, have kept a relatively private profile since hitting the music scene in the late ‘90s with their debut album, “Homework.” Their big break would come in the early 2000s with their sophomore album “Discovery,” by giving us dancefloor classics such as “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

The 2010s would see Daft Punk at their peak with their critically acclaimed album “Random Access Memory” and the infectious “Get Lucky,” with Pharrell Williams on lead vocals. The duo would later work with the Weeknd by producing and appearing on his song “Starboy,” which in turn would be the only song to feature the duo to reach number one on the Billborard Hot 100. Despite only releasing four studio albums in their nearly three-decade career, Daft Punk established themselves as a group that valued quality over quantity and ensured their fans would only receive the best they had to offer.

Alongside their studio releases, Daft Punk scored the soundtrack for the 2010 movie “Tron: Legacy.” The soundtrack was noted for Daft Punk’s departure from synthesizers to working with an 85-piece orchestra to bring the world of Tron to life. The duo even had a hard-to-miss cameo as DJs in the film.

While we hate to see Daft Punk go, they inspired a generation of musicians to chase their dreams by changing how house and electronic music was perceived and helped the genre achieve mainstream success outside of Europe and reminding us all that we are “Human After All.” We’re celebrating their amazing legacy “One More Time” by looking at the best tattoos that showed just how much they shined as musical icons.