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These long gray days are insufferable. If only there was some sort of fake holiday to take us out of these winter doldrums... and there is! National Daisy Day is celebrated on January 28. Is there anything happier than a bright bouquet of daisies? No, my friend, there is not. 

The daisy is native to Northern Europe, but over the years it has spread to every continent. You can even find daisies poking out of the ground in frigid locations like Iceland and Greenland.

There's nothing glamorous about daisies. Instead, they are a very simple flower, and that's where the beauty is found. Pretty much every child I know has taken a daisy in their hand, contemplated their biggest crush and plucked off the petals. Whether she loved you or if she loved you not, the game was always some lighthearted fun. 

Now, don't get an idea in your head and try to pluck off the petals of these daisy tattoos. They are a little more permanent. And unlike the flower, if you try and pluck a petal from one of the people owning these tattoos there will be a lot of screaming and possibly some punches thrown. Be nice to the daisy tattoos, dammit.  

And last but not least, Princess Daisy!