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Meeting with fans is a commonplace occurrence for Damian Lillard, star point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers. As the lone star of an NBA franchise, albeit a struggling one, Lillard must be used to fans coming up for selfies or autographs. You imagine that one becomes a little jaded with fame after a while, it all becomes routine. Yet when Lillard met a fan with a photorealistic portrait of the Blazers' star on his forearm, you can see that Lillard is taken aback. 

Give the video a couple of views, it's fun to watch Lillard go through all of the emotions in such a short period of time. He seems confused, a little weirded out, happy, proud and maybe a few others thrown in there for good measure. 

Tattoos are nothing new Lillard, he has quite an extensive collection himself. Earlier this year Lillard made the news for one of his own tattoos. Lillard grew up in Oakland, California, and thus he happens to be an Oakland Raiders fan. Like oh so many of the fans who reside in the Black Hole, Lillard has a Raiders tattoo. The NBA player, like so many of us, was watching the Antonio Brown saga play out at the beginning of the NFL season. Lillard was so adamant that his hometown team hold on to the mercurial receiver that he told TMZ Sports that he'd remove his Raiders tattoo if they cut Brown. Well, the Raiders did just that. No word as to whether Lillard has made good on his threat. 

This is a long way of asking, what do you think this fan is going to do when Lillard leaves town? Sure, Lillard is under contract until the 2024-25 season, but if we've learned anything about today's NBA it is that once a player wants to leave, that player is gone, contract be damned. 

For now, the fan can simply enjoy basking in the afterglow of meeting the player whose image will be tattooed on him forever.