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When the Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA title back in 2020, most of the media attention focused on the star power of Lebron James and Anthony Davis, and while those two obviously had a major role in winning it all, not enough attention gets paid to the role players whose contributions are essential in building a winning team. The Kyle Kuzmas. The Kentavious Caldwell-Popes. The Danny Greens. No team wins a title without these guys. 

Upon winning the title, Green became the third or fourth (depending on where you put his teammate James who also accomplished the feat) person to win the title for three separate teams. We're going to give the nod to Green here since when he wont the title in 2013 with the San Antonio Spurs he defeated James' Miami Heat. 

So that title is definitely one Green is going to want to remember for the rest of his life. And what better way to do that than with a tattoo? And what better artist than Lakers/Kobe superfan Steve Butcher? 

We love that Butcher and Green got creative with the tattoo. Too often you see players getting the trophy or Olympians just getting the rings, it gets a little boring. The tattoo is a mashup of the Larry O'Brien trophy and the iconic sculpture at Universal Studios, with the Hollywood Hills serving as a perfect background. 

Green had previously gotten a tattoo tribute to Kobe and Gianni Bryant, whose deaths inspired the franchise throughout the season, and it is worked into the design of his new ink. 

Danny Green may have only spent one season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but it is clear that he cherished the time and wants to remember it forever.