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Every culture has their own good luck talismans and in Japan, Daruma Dolls are one of the most prominent examples. Daruma Dolls are modeled off of Bodhidharma, who's the founder of the Zen tradition in Buddhism. Bodhidharma was a monk who lived in China during the 5th century and is credited with bringing kungfu with the Shaolin Monastery.

These dolls are often red, however, other colors may be more prominent depending on the region or the artist. They're seen as a symbol of preservation and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement and setting goals.

To this day, they're typically made of papier-mâché. They're made into a round shape, but are hollowed and weighted at the bottom to always stand upright. These dolls originated in the city of Takasaki, which holds aDaruma Doll Festival every year. During this holiday, over 400,000 people from this region gather to purchase these dolls for the year. This city produces over 80% of Japan's Daruma Dolls.

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