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Dave Bautista, the former WWE Superstar turned superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, revealed over the weekend a pair of new tattoos that make an incredibly powerful political statement. 

On his right hand, Bautista has the words "I can't breathe." Most recently, these were some of the final words said by George Floyd shortly before he was murdered. The words have been a rallying cry throughout the more than two weeks of protests following Floyd's death. Floyd was not the first black man killed by police to utter the words, in fact, it has become an all-too-common refrain in our society. By having the words tattooed onto his hand, Bautista is making a very powerful political statement. 

On his left hand, Bautista has the words "We the People." The words, taken from the first line of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, have come to symbolize the power of our democracy. One can argue that you can sum up the entire ethos of the United States with those three powerful words.

The two tattoos combine to create a powerful statement, not only against police brutality and for the Black Lives Matter movement, but also that we as a nation must work together to realize the dreams of the Founding Fathers. Together the tattoos serve as a reminder that, despite what some "leaders" may be telling you, the strength of this nation comes from its people. All of its people. And together we can change things. 

Bautista summed it up very well in his Instagram post. "Brothers and sisters! Be relentless in the pursuit of justice. Be unintimidated in the fight against oppression. We’re here together to remind each other what we’re fighting for. I want to forget but I won’t let myself. There’s too much at stake. Peace to everyone fighting for a dream. #OneNation #OneRace #DreamChasers"

Bautista's pair of tattoos are a prime example of why we fell in love with tattooing in the first place. They are beautifully done, they make you think and they most certainly hold a special place in the heart of the man who will be carrying them for the rest of his life.