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When we first saw Dave Bautista it was in a WWE ring under the ever-so-slightly altered moniker Batista. Wearing a suit with no sleeves, a highly underrated look, the very start of Bautista's tattoo collection could be seen. 

In the years since it has grown exponentially, as has Bautista's fame. No longer a henchman to Brother D-Von (a gimmick all but the most avid WWE fans have forgotten about) on the wrestling circuit, Bautista has built quite a career in Hollywood. Most notably as the muscle bound but dimwitted member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax. 

As Drax, Bautista's skin is covered with ceremonial tattoos that play off of the actor's own tribal work. Of course, they look a little bit different since his skin is a blue/grey color in the Marvel films. It seems to be a way for Bautista's own personality to be worked in to the character instead of just straight covering all of the tattoos up. That being said, when he reprises the role in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" Marvel bosses will likely demand he cover up his newest tattoos, considering the subject matter involved. You can't be off brand, after all.

Just a few days ago Bautista added to his growing collection with a series of superhero/movie related finger tattoos. The conundrum for his bosses in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't trying to explain away the Avengers tattoo despite Drax not actually being an Avenger, it's in explaining the Superman, Batman and James Bond related tattoos. Not to mention the Jedi and Sith tattoos, which are at least owned by Disney. As for the W, we just assume the Wu-Tang Clan will appear on Awesome Mix Vol. 3 and that Drax is a fan. 

It's rad to see that Bautista is an actual fan, it helps explain how he was able to put in such a killer performance as Drax the Destroyer. We can't wait to see what he gets next.