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Whether you know David Bautista from his years of WWE or from his most recent work as Marvel’s Drax the Destroyer, chances are you can recognize his face (or body). Well, now Bautista has an even easier way to recognize him- his killer tattoo that goes directly across his burly chest.

At first glance, it seems that the tattoo is based off of a love for conspiracy theories due to the Eye of Providence- what most know as the Illuminati eye. But on closer inspection into Bautista and the tattoo, it’s clear to see that the piece's primary purpose is to pay tribute to the Marvel Hero's Filipino heritage. The all-seeing-eye is surrounded by a traditional Filipino tribal sun, as seen on the Philippine flag. The sun has a ray for each Filipino province and is easily recognized as a key feature in Filipino culture, making it a popular choice for people who want to show the pride they have for their heritage.

Though many people associate the Eye of Providence with the Illuminati or secret societies, the eye was traditionally seen as the eye of god that brings power and protection. Do we know exactly why Bautista got this eye? No, but there are more options other than he’s “in the Illuminati.” It could be religious, it could be a love for all things conspiracy, or it could just be that it’s a cool symbol- but no matter what, it’s a pretty sick piece that compliments the rest of the actor/wrestler’s tattoos well.