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For many of us, Father's Day presents a conundrum—how do you show all of your deep appreciation in the form of a single gift? It's a lot of pressure! 

Thankfully, we've done the legwork for you and found the ideal gift for dad—a Deejo knife. Deejo is a lifestyle and design knife brand which allows you to customize and tattoo your own Deejo on its online platform MyDeejo. It is more than just a pocketknife; it is an everyday companion that you’ll learn you can’t live without. It is a unique gift that represents an extension of its owner. Tailor-made it truly reflects one’s personality, tastes, moods, and styles. 

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Part of what makes this such a great gift is the way that it takes an everyday object—a pocketknife—and turns it into a treasured heirloom. It's functional, which dads love. What takes the Deejo knife to the next level is the customization. For starters, there are over 60 illustrations that can be tattooed upon the blade. Which means that there is a design that fits even the most eccentric dad. Good luck finding a power drill that offers that. 

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Those illustrations are just the jumping off point when it comes to customization. There are three different finishes to choose from—mirror, titanium and black titanium. Deejo knows that there are myriad different ways to use a pocketknife, so they've created knives of varying weights and lengths, each suited for specific uses. 


The possibilities are endless. Whether you're shopping for a biker dad, a tattooer dad, an adventurer dad or a bookworm dad, there is a Deejo knife just for him. Once you've customized the knife to perfection, you can add a personalized engraving to let him know just how important he is. 

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This year give your dad a Deejo—a unique and refined gift. With its fine and aesthetic design, your Deejo is sent in an elegant holster to please all lovers of unique objects. Deejo is the original gift to offer or receive for any occasion.

Deejo allows you to rediscover this everyday accessory, made by you and for you. 

The preceding article is a sponsored post.