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Growing up in Vermont, deer were all over the place and it was common to see at least three or four crossing the road on a drive home at night. In fact, deer are so prevalent that my family had one as a pet. About fifty years ago, my great grandmother found a baby deer in her backyard. She waited a few hours for the mom to come back, but she never did and the fawn was abandoned with a broken leg. My great grandmother took the fawn to the vet and then kept the fawn as a pet in her home, naming him Bambo. She kept the fawn until he was old and strong enough to go out on his own. Once he'd matured, she let him go back to the woods and for a few months, she believed this was the last she'd ever see of Bambo. However, once winter came, the fawn came back with sprouting antlers and every year after that, they allowed Bambo to come visit during the winter.

It may be pretty uncommon to have a pet deer, but many of us feel connected to the deer we grew up with in media. Growing up, millions of people from around the world saw Disney's "Bambi" as a child and fell in love with the clumsy fawn, as well as his friends Thumper and Flower. Then, in January of 2020, it was announced at "Bambi" would be adapted into a live action feature film. According to Disney, this film will be a "companion piece" to other CGI wildlife films in their library, notably 2016's "The Jungle Book" and 2019's "The Lion King." In honor of the upcoming "Bambi" live action film, take a look at some of our favorite deer tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world.