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We've become very used to celebrities tattooing the "jobstopper" areas (face, neck and hands)—after all, their jobs typically aren't in jeopardy if they decide to get tattooed. Demi Lovato broke her jobstopper virginity many years ago, after getting several tattoos on her hands, including a cross and a lion head.

In the last year, she's migrated to collecting pieces on her neck and back in December of 2019, shocked the world when she got the word "Survivor" tattooed on her neck by Dr. Woo. This tattoo represents Lovato's rocky journey with substance abuse and mental illness, leading to her sobriety. Then, in February 2020, Lovato got another piece on the back of her neck, a fallen angel being carried by doves, by artist Alessandro Capozzi. This tattoo took eight hours to complete and ties into Lovato's faith.

Now, it appears that Lovato has added to her collection once more. In a selfie posted to her Instagram on September 2nd, Lovato revealed a black-and-grey butterfly tattoo on the side of her neck. The artist has yet to be revealed, however, from what we can tell the piece is very well done.

Take a look at Lovato's other neck tattoos below, then let us know your thoughts on her new piece in the comments section on social media.