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Demons are supernatural beings that have been a part of mythology and folklore for centuries. The word demon comes from the Greek word daimon, which means a spirit or divine power. This word didn't originally carry a negative meaning or represent evil, however, that's certainly changed over time.

One of the most popular studies of demons is Christian demonology, which was most popular during the medieval era. In Christian demonology, biblical scholars and members of the church studied the way the Bible depicts demons and deemed them fallen angels. Demons were described as fallen angels in Revelation 12:7-9 and their mission is to introduce humans to sin.

Over time, scholars and poets have elaborated on the different types of demons, with Spanish Catholic bishop Alphonso de Spina classifying demons based on a list of criteria. Some of the demons he wrote about were demons of fate, familiars (demons who would assist witches), drudes (nightmare demons), cambions (half-human/half-demons) and incubi/succubi.

Incubi (male) and succubi (female) are demons that appear in dreams and seduce people through sexual activity. They often show themselves as beautiful enchanters, however, they can cause poor physical and mental health, as well as death. Both incubi and succubi have been depicted frequently throughout art, literature and popular culture, with one of the most recent examples being the 2009 film "Jennifer's Body." In this film, actor Megan Fox portrays a teenager girl who, in a virgin sacrifice gone wrong, is turned into a succubus. When this happens, she must feed off of men she seduces and along the way, her best friend tries to stop her. This film has since become a cult classic and is still celebrated over 10 years later. Other examples of succubi in film and television include Enchantress from 2016's "Suicide Squad," Lily from 2012's "V/H/S" and Bo of the television series "Lost Girl."

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