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Meet Savannah Foxx, a tattoo artist working at Independent Ink Tattoo Studio in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She specializes in black-and-grey dot work and used vegan ink to create designs inspired by the natural world.

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Foxx is a lover of animals and wildlife both in her profession as a tattoo artist and in her personal life. In her spare time, she rescues stray dogs and calls a 200 lb rottweiler her fur baby. 


However, it appears that this animal lover may have gotten more than she bargained for when she attempted rescuing what she believed to be a stray dog in 2018. On a Twitter thread, which has since gone viral on both social and mainstream media, a New York woman named Rachel Millman asked her followers to share the dumbest thing they did in 2018. The tweet quickly gained traction on the site, receiving over 1,600 replies. Some of the replies included a woman sharing a story of the time she tried to zoom in on a paper map or a man explaining that he got a tattoo of Steve Buscemi's character from Mr. Deeds tattooed on his body. However, we were struck by Foxx's response—who shared that she's accidentally attempted to rescue three coyotes.


If you're not already aware, coyotes are canines native to North America. They're slightly smaller than grey wolves and have been able to adapt and expand their environment in accordance with human urbanization. Although coyotes may be cute and cuddly as pups, experts don't advise people to attempt to domesticate them as they are prone to being violent and aggressive as they enter adult life. However, we doubt that Foxx had any intention of keeping a coyote as a pet and she instead mistook them for puppies that had been abandoned by their mothers or owners.

We hope that Foxx has learned her lesson, but we encourage her to continue fighting the good fight by helping animals in need. What do you think about her mistake? What would you do if you came across what you believed to be a stray dog and wound up dead wrong? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.