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Never before have country music and industrial emo music being brought together by one artist. That was, until DEVORA, the self-proclaimed Goth Dolly Parton, came along. DEVORA has gained acclaim as the leader of the outlaw pop genre and entered the music scene with singles “Not Dead Yet,” “Body Bag” and “Fist Fight.” Now she’s got a new video for her single “Outlaw,” which takes her brand to the next level. We sat down with DEVORA to discuss her vision and inspirations for this modern vampire Western set to music.

Photo by Cody Blue Media

Photo by Cody Blue Media

Tell us about your video for “Outlaw.”

It’s a collaboration between myself and my director Leven Rambin, she’s a good friend of mine and an amazing talent. We wanted to shoot something that was a Neo Western vibe with some grit and edge. She wrote the treatment for this love story between these two vampires. One of the vampires gets killed by the main guy and her lover, which is me, tries to find him. I end up stealing his heart and giving it to her so she can come back to life. We really had fun with the set design, the locations, the talent and the makeup. It was just an awesome collaboration of multiple brilliant and creative minds.

What were some of your inspirations for the video?

We’re both huge fans of Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I’m also a lover of all things dark. I really wanted to incorporate the vampire part into this video and create this psychedelic, crazy world that was reminiscent of these Western directors.

Photo by Cody Blue Media

Photo by Cody Blue Media

What was your role for creating the visual for this video?

My project DEVORA is a new genre of music that I’ve coined called outlaw pop. I’m a lover of country music, but I also love industrial music like Nine Inch Nails. I wanted to create a music project that’s a conglomeration of all these things. Levin took the imagery of Wild West goth and ran with it for the treatment. The song itself is all about going your own way and taking the role less traveled. In my experience, I felt like I wasn’t alive until I was a rebel and an outlaw.

What was your process for writing this song?

I came up with the title first, I really wanted to write a song called outlaw. At the time, I was in a place in life where I was definitely taking the road less traveled and going in a different direction than my family wanted me to go in. I was kind of making choices that didn’t align with whatever is “normal” and I wanted to write something that highlighted going your own way. I wanted to highlight feeling alive from being a rebel and an outlaw for the first time. Just not giving a fuck about anything.

Photo by Evan Spencer

Photo by Evan Spencer

Do you have a tattoo that reflects being an outlaw?

As a kid growing up in the desert, even though I was scared of snakes and scorpions, I always felt attracted to their symbolism. To me, they represent power and independence. They represent being an outlaw and I’m excited to soon get a tattoo of a snake wrapped around my arm.

Check out the music video for DEVORA's song "Outlaw"


Director by Leven Rambin

Videography by Orlando Briones, Filmatic Crew, Stixx Williams

Editing by Spencer Morin

Coloring by Dan Diaz

Acting by Jake Sones, Leven Rambin, Dante Hoges, Nick Quintana, Manoj Chandra, Mando Armes, Jay Gracia, David O'Bar

Dancing by Cara Cherie and Abby Cadabra.

Instrumentals by Brad Boyer and Nathan Taylor

Art Direction by Chantelle Leigh

Makeup by Ashley Ann and Lizz Alfred with VCI artists. HU

Costume Design by Bonnie Kennimer at Kennimer Co. and VINYL RANCH clothing by Disko Cowboy (David Wranger)

Jewelry by Evan at Enigma