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By Edmund Sullivan
Photo by Jamie LaComb
Wardrobe by Vinyl Ranch + Kennimer Co

Outlaw Pop icon Devora is back with a new single, “God Is Dead,” previewing a four track EP of the same name due out October 28 on Tiger Tone Records. Also released today is the accompanying music video shot by Felicity Jayn Heath which explores the dark side of duality, existential reckoning and ego death. Opening to a Mad Max-like desert scene a haunting doppelganger character follows the artist through the streets concluding in a mirrored self-confession and a final showdown with the dualistic character.

"There’s a lot of metaphors in here and it all starts with walking through a desert ghost town and seeing a ‘sign,’” Devora explains. “Whether it’s questioning religion, questioning life or questioning yourself, I think everyone had a moment over the last two years where we’ve put our heads in our hands and said, ‘I think the world is ending, and if I didn’t believe in a higher power of any sort before, I certainly don’t now.’ No matter what you believe in, or if you believe in anything, I think we’ve all asked those hard questions internally and I wanted to convey that in the song."

As a follow up to her debut EP “Outlaw” from earlier this year we can be sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Devora as the take no prisoners outlaw pop progenitor embarks on this next chapter. With tracks entitled “Wild West,” “Pornstar” and “Bonesaw we eagerly await what’s next.