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The baseball season can be monotonous. As the season is spread out over 162 games—at least it is in non-Covid years—and filled with long cross-country flights and countless hours spent at the ballpark waiting for game time, players end up having a tremendous amount of downtime on their hands. And we're not even considering the long offseason, made even longer this year. Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorius has often spent the hours drawing, but this off season he took things to a new level when he learned how to tattoo. 

“I started to tattoo myself, and it felt really good,’’ Gregorius told the New York Post. “I just kept on going and did almost my whole leg. Then I started on other people during this time off. It was just baseball and tattooing.”

Gregorius has been sharing videos of him tattooing on his Instagram stories, but unfortunately, he hasn't shared any of his finished tattoos yet. But it looks like he's on the right track. Most importantly, he appears to be following all of the proper protocols in regards to hygiene. All too often we see people order a tattoo machine from the internet posting sick vids of their tatting skills, which are neither "sick" nor "skills," and they aren't even wearing gloves. 

Throughout his career, Gregorius has shown that he has myriad interests besides baseball. In addition to drawing, he's often posted beautiful photographs that he's taken and while recovering from Tommy John surgery he learned how to play the piano. Plus he turns a beautiful double-play. Is there anything Gregorius can't do? 

Hopefully he'll share some of his tattoo work soon—we really want to see that leg of his—but until then, check out some of the other art he has shared on his Instagram.